Ah yes, the kitchen – the heart of every American home! It’s the place where we make breakfast, grab a snack or favorite beverage, and even gather as a family at dinner time. It’s also a place where we can add value to our homes through kitchen remodeling.

Indeed, the kitchen sees plenty of action on a regular basis, that’s why it’s important that we treat our kitchens with the kind of love and care it needs to stay in tip-top shape. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by planning a kitchen remodeling and you will experience the benefits every day and also provide you with superb ROI (Return on Investment) when the time comes to sale your home.

Once you and your kitchen remodeling contractor successfully establish the perfect kitchen layout, you are ready to begin the remodeling. With all that being said, here are some great kitchen remodeling ideas you can use to improve your kitchen’s overall aesthetic appeal, utility, and flair!

1) Establish the ideal layout first

A few crucial elements that you need to consider integrating into your kitchen’s layout include:

The kitchen work triangle—the separation between the sink, stove, and fridge—will play an important role in your kitchen’s aesthetic and functional quality. As a good rule of thumb, it should be no more than a foot.

Ideally, you want the fridge to be positioned as close to the entrance as possible as this is generally the item people will look for first when going to the kitchen.

If you want to secure the perfect layout for your kitchen, then you might want to rely on the services of a professional designer. We should note that First Finishers is a leading remodeling general contractor and can help you design the perfect kitchen for your remodeling project. it will also help you avoid wasting precious time and resources brought about by any inexperience or lack of knowledge in creating effective kitchen layouts.

Kitchen designers are aware of all the potential ins and outs, from achieving the optimal storage, innovative alternatives for premium materials, and even the most qualified local contractors for remodeling kitchens, which means hiring them would make a lot of sense.

2) Think about new kitchen cabinets

By simply replacing your cabinet coverings with new and updated ones, you will have already made a major aesthetic upgrade to your kitchen. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies, including those who specialize in installing stylish doors for certain cabinet designs, that you can look into if you want to revamp your existing cabinets.

If you intend to hire a designer for a complete cabinet makeover, you can further elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal by complementing the cabinet’s style to that of your refrigerator’s for a neat and coherent look. You’ll want to insert the fridge into a bank of beautifully towering cabinetry so it will look like a condensed wall instead of something that protrudes in the kitchen.

3) Make a big splash

Next to cabinetry (and not taking into account the flooring), the backsplash is the second most important element in a kitchen’s visual appeal that’s why it’s crucial that you maximize its aesthetic potential. Now when it comes to making a big splash in your kitchen’s backsplash, the key is to spend as much as you can.

Backsplashes are a key aspect in kitchen remodeling. It’s also an effective way of expressing your own personal artistic taste and preference without spending a fortune, as it would only use a relatively small portion of your kitchen budget and require minimal materials to complete.

You can also try revamping your kitchen’s aesthetic and functional quality with a tile backsplash. It’s a great, long-term design option that will give you more than enough room to express your own signature style. And if you go with a subway tile, there is even an opportunity to come up with your own pattern that will match seamlessly with the kind of look that you want.

4) Consider new kitchen flooring

Now if you’re looking to achieve a complete kitchen makeover, this would entail redoing the existing flooring. Fortunately, there is an abundance of superb options that you can consider today and it is now easier to find the flooring design that fits your needs and budget.

For instance, if you want a resilient, low maintenance option that offers the classic feel of hardwood, you can opt with popular wood flooring alternatives like vinyl or glazed ceramic tile (which by the way, also makes for a great backsplash).

Your kitchen’s flooring is where you can make use of faux materials and designs. Wooden floors are certainly the perfect options especially if you pursue an open layout but vinyl and ceramic tiles can potentially give your kitchen the same rich look and finish.

5) Look for practical island solutions

Your kitchen’s island doesn’t have to be expensive nor custom made. There is an assortment of retail options available that can bring in a chic midcentury-inspired feel or maybe stainless steel tables would be more to your liking. Adding or upgrading kitchen island to your remodel project can easily improve your kitchen’s overall food-prepping and storage capabilities. Kitchen islands can also serve as a focal point for gatherings and other group activities as well.

Aside from offering superb utility, however, integrating an island in your kitchen can also unlock great decorative opportunities. Prominent kitchen designers, for instance, would normally attempt to erect an island with its own set of legs, so it will appear more like a beautiful piece of furniture instead of a group of cabinets that got lost in the middle of the kitchen.

From providing a stylish and comfy kitchen dining area to offering innovative kitchen storage solutions, islands provide a whole lot more than just preparing your next meal in a modern-day kitchen design. And don’t forget, no matter how big or small your kitchen area is or how extensive your needs are, there will always be an island solution that’s perfect for you.

Simply take the necessary time to shop around and compare available options and you will surely find the ideal island that works best for your kitchen needs.

6) Make your countertops count

Countertops matter in any kitchen remodeling project and it would be wise to make yours count. You might be amazed how big of an impact a new countertop can bring to your kitchen, including those smooth granite countertops that are elegant enough to act as the room’s center of attraction. There are many types of kitchen countertops and one would most certainly enhance your kitchens remodel.

7) Upgrade your kitchen Hardware

Your kitchen’s hardware is its crown jewels and you will never go wrong in putting some of your hard earned cash into upgrading them. As a matter of fact, revamping your kitchen hardware can upscale the overall look, as much as anything else. It also helps make your kitchen more energy efficient, lowering the cost of your utility bills.

As a matter of fact, a trendy kitchen update nowadays involves the use of modern energy-efficient appliances, including a cutting-edge range and microwave, ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerators, and a water-saving dishwasher. And perhaps the best of the bunch, is a state-of-the-art stove with its own integrated fan, making a range hood practically unnecessary thereby adding more room for countertop enhancements.

8) Light up your Kitchen

One of the first things that we check out when we enter our kitchen is its lighting. This is why it’s important that you integrate beautiful light fixtures above the island, the dining table, and the sink.

You will want to establish an extensive lighting setup that will highlight your kitchen’s inherent beauty especially those areas that you have put some considerable time and money into remodeling.

However, you want to create properly designed ceiling lighting. A particular area should serve as the primary light and the others as complementary fixtures, so you can prevent accidentally creating a kitchen that appears like a Christmas tree.

9) Bring in comfortable and convenient seating

After you have succeeded in transforming your kitchen into an utterly stylish and functional room, you’ll want to show it off to friends and guests. Try to explore different possibilities in which you can welcome more space to bring in additional seating options like a corner bench.

You can also surround your kitchen island with some stools or benches or any area that has ample space. Sometimes guests arrive when you’re still in the middle of cooking so having some seating furniture in your kitchen can help you comfortably cater to them while you finish your recipe.

10) Cut costs without cutting corners

And finally, try not to break the bank when you’re remodeling your kitchen. An effective way to reduce your cost in any home remodeling project is to maximize what you have at present. So before you bring in the wrecking crew, try these few easy steps first:

  • Empty any and all drawers and cupboards in your kitchen.
  • Try to recall where you have stored things.
  • Then try to find out if there’s an effective system in which you can organize them.

Whether you are looking to completely transform your home with a kitchen remodel or just want to look at addressing one aspect of your kitchen, First Finishers LLC is here and ready to help. As one of Olympia’s leading home remodeling contractors, we’ve helped hundreds of families to improve their kitchen space, and we’d love to show you how we’d help you, too.


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