As someone who’s job it is to support the online visibility of content published by Olympia remodeling contractor First Finishers LLCstaying up on the trends around home remodeling, improvements, repairs, and renovations is something that is important to me. Being aware of the market in the Olympia area is crucial to understanding what customers are looking for and what a remodeling contractor is to expect going into the near future.

For anyone looking into whole-house remodeling or single room renovation, you may find more than one home remodeling trend shared here to be useful to you. We’ll go over some of these, so you have an idea of what our Olympia area home improvement market looks like and what options are available.

Kitchen Remodeling Hits a New High

Back in 2017, an article caught my eye that listed off the most popular residential remodeling projects. It was published by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and is still available for you to read today. Here is a link to the article, “17 Most Popular Remodeling Projects”. The article talks about how kitchen remodels are now more common than bathroom remodeling projects by homeowners.

It also shows that the least common remodel jobs include historic preservation, finished attics, and adding enclosed garages. However, whole-home remodeling is more common than ever. The article shows that new home construction is rising to a price point of $330 billion annually. Even newer homes inevitably need repairs and renovation at some point, but it may be a while before full remodels are required.

While the above article was published a few years ago, the world of remodeling hasn’t changed much since then. A more recent remodeling market report from 2018 still shows kitchen remodeling to be a bit more popular than bathroom remodeling. However, spending on bathroom and kitchen products is largely even with each taking up around 50% of the market.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association also shows that the kitchen and bath market sent up 7.3% in 2017 to over $168 billion, while the bath and kitchen markets make up a quarter of the residential home repairs market. There is a lot of need for this kind of work, but there are plenty of other projects that a remodeling contractor can provide.

Slowdowns Expected in Some Home Improvement Areas

The Joint Center for Housing Studies put out an article in 2019 explaining that residential remodeling may slow throughout the year and into 2020. Chris Herbert, Managing Director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies, had this to say:

Declining home sales and homebuilding activity coupled with slower gains in permitting for improvement projects will put the brakes on remodeling growth over the coming year. However, if falling mortgage interest rates continue to incentivize home sales, refinancing, and ultimately remodeling activity, the slowdown may soften some.”

Abbe Will, Associate Project Director in the Remodeling Futures Program at the center, notes that spending in 2016 and 2017 was not as high as expected. In fact, spending only grew at 5.4% over the two years when it was expected to be a growth of 11.9% instead. However, many people need repairs and remodeling every year and that is not something that is going to change any time soon.

Common Types of Home Remodeling Projects

Referencing the list of remodeling projects from the NAHB, there are many types of home renovations and repairs available for homeowners to consider. If you’re considering a remodel on your own residential property, you’re in good company if it involves sprucing up the kitchen, making changes to the bathroom, or even remodeling the entire home.

Room additions, door and window replacements, and finished basements are also somewhat popular, but not as much so as the previously listed projects. Based on the list, only 45% of remodelers said room additions were common jobs, while finished basements were only common with 27% of these individuals. It just goes to show that what you expect to be popular may not actually resonate with everyone.

There are many other ways that top remodeling contractors like those found at  First Finishers LLC can help you to improve the state of your home, even if these projects are needed on a less frequent basis. A great contractor can help you repair property damage, build a deck for you to do some entertaining on, or build on an addition to your bathroom for more space.

What else can remodeling contractors do for you?

They can add an enclosed porch where you can read a book or where your pets can enjoy fresh air without getting lost. They offer handyman services when something needs to be fixed and can even add siding to your home. Also uncommon but available is adding a second story onto a single-story home.

Kitchen Remodeling Options

Curious about what kind of kitchen remodeling is popular today? There are many things that can be done to create a beautiful kitchen that you love spending time in. For instance, changing out the flooring in the room can have a major impact on the look and feel of the space. You can also add personality to the space by changing the type of cabinets you have to store your kitchen items.

Other common remodels that happen in kitchens include switching up the countertops to things like quartz, laminates, or recycled materials. You can make the space stand out by choosing a backsplash that fits your own personal style. Another quick and easy change you can make is with swapping out your lighting. Adding energy-saving lights can even save you money in the long run.

Bathroom Remodeling Choices

If you’re more interested in changing up the look of your bathroom, you also have a plethora of options. Each of them can update your style, adapt the space to meet your needs, and add value to your home. A simple option is adding a low-flow hidden-tank toilet, which saves space and water when it’s flushed. Adding a textured tile floor to your shower can also help with the safety and style of the bathroom.

Another thing a contractor can help you with is switching your bathroom drain plumbing from 1 ¼ or ½ PVC plastic to a two-inch plastic. This drain is less likely to clog and will improve drainage in this important part of your home. You can also consider installing a tub, but only if you’re a fan of baths. However, those who prefer showers may be better off expanding the size of their showers.

Which Remodeling Contractor to Call and When?

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