First Finishers was founded in 2005 by brothers Kai and Tim Fyrst after learning their trade under some of the finest master home builders in the Pacific Northwest.

Since then, First Finishers has experienced sustained growth based on customer satisfaction and a solid reputation within Washington states new construction and home building industry for quality craftsmanship.

First Finishers’ number one goal is to help residential and commercial customers save money and time, without compromising quality.  First Finishers has built their business based on this principle.

First Finishers are qualified and experienced craftsmen, specializing in a range of work that requires the ability and dexterity to accomplish the desired effect and meet client demand. First Finishers specializes in custom homes, finish carpentry, flooring and commercial projects.

Kai Fyrst
Owner & Founder

The First Finishers customer experience is very much driven by Kai who runs operational and customer engagement aspects of the business.

As a highly effective business ambassador Kai ensures customers get an experience and end product that meet the highest available standards of quality.

He is a strong advocate of educating customers through regular and transparent communication, as it provides an understanding of project requirements and the assurance that First Finishers will handle issues that may arise. This goes a long way to bring customers on board as active partners in a collaborative relationship that will support project delivery while minimizing unnecessary stress.

Kai is also in charge of the team’s professional development, providing ample autonomy and encouraging members of his crew to take initiative on the job. This level of individual project ownership and accountability creates a work atmosphere based on trust, in which everyone strives to go the extra mile for customers while contributing to company growth. This also provides Kai with more time to focus on business development and the strategic direction of the company.

Kai started as a construction contractor over 15 years ago, before founding First Finishers with his brother Tim in 2005.

In his spare time, Kai enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf with his brother Tim, and close friends.

Tim Fyrst
Owner & Founder

As one of the co-founders of First Finishers LLC, Tim plays an active role on large-scale projects and works closely with Kai on business development and strategy.

Between 2013 and 2016, Tim joined a construction company to manage and consult on the development of large-scale residential and commercial construction projects. This was a logical career progression, based on his natural inclination and drive to seek new challenges and test boundaries. During that time, Tim managed a project portfolio worth $250 million spread across Washington, Oregon, and California.

This new role provided Tim with a wealth of skills and knowledge that he has distilled into the development and creation of new business opportunities for First Finishers, since his return in 2016. This also contributes to positioning him as a highly effective source of operational and strategic advice.

Tim started as a construction contractor at the age of 14 and was joined by Kai a year later. They both had the opportunity to work with some of the best contractors in Thurston County (WA) before founding First Finishers in 2005. Strong company values such as quality, trust and integrity have a lot to do with the fact that many of those contractors now work for First Finishers.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys spending time with his family, and playing golf with his brother Kai, and close friends.