Choosing the right custom home builder is important in making your dream home. But how can you find the right builder for your home? To start, you should interview at least three potential custom home builders in your local area. When you have found a few contractors, ask each candidate important questions relating to the building process and their credentials.

Here are some questions you can ask your potential custom home builders.

Are you licensed and insured?

The builder should be licensed and insured in the state where you’ll be building the project. Let’s say you’re planning to make a project in Olympia, the builder should be licensed and insured to do construction projects in Washington and not anywhere else. In Washington, First Finishers LLC is licensed and insured to build custom homes and other construction services.

Proper licensing means a contractor is eligible to do the construction project in your state. To make sure that your contractor is following the law, ask for a copy of the proper license. You can confirm the license by calling the state’s Board of Building Regulations and Standards.

Can you build my desired house within my budget?

Once you have finalized your house plan, show it to every builder and let give you a rough estimate of the project. The lowest and the highest bids aren’t always the best choices. Go with the most reasonable bid, somewhere in-between.

If anything isn’t clear, ask detail specifications and costs from your potential builders. You can compare the details and choose which one fits your budget. Additionally, try to ask about their purchasing process so you’ll know whether they’ll try to work within your budget or not.

How long have you been building custom homes in the state?

A good builder should have at least 5 years of experience in making house projects in your area. An experienced builder will be well educated in all aspects of construction including architecture, water drainage, and property boundaries.

First Finishers has been offering consistent quality and work since 2005. Our experienced craftsmen have specialized in a wide array of work to achieve the desired output and meet customer demands. Our founders, Kai Fyrst and Tim Fyrst, play active roles on extensive projects.

Do you have a model or past projects that I can visit?

This is a question that can test the builder’s reputation and pride in their work. If a builder is willing to arrange for you a site viewing of a completed project, then they’re proud of their craftsmanship.

Not all builders have model homes for prospective customers to view, but they may have past clients who are willing to show you the finish work. With First Finishers, you can check our portfolio to see pictures of past projects.

How much customization can be made?

This question can generate a variety of responses and it all boils down to your preferences. With First Finishers, the custom build encompasses all aspects and features of your house from size to the last knob attached to a cabinet door. You also decide on the cabinets, flooring materials, and even the cooling system.

Do you provide any form of warranty, and if so, what’s its coverage?

This question is very significant if you want to know what’s going to happen in case the builder fails to meet your expectations. Are they going to fix any scratches or dents after the custom home construction is complete? If so, how long will be the repair coverage?

Any good builder will offer a 1-year warranty. What if your issues happen after the warranty, how is the builder going to address them? You can ask the previous customers about this question, too.

When can you finish the custom home construction?

The previous customers can give you an insight of the project’s time frame, but it’s not bad to ask a builder about its honest time estimate on the project. Be wary of builders giving overly optimistic time frames. Make sure that a builder has tools to track the time and progress of the project to prevent delays.

The builder may be unavailable for a couple of months so it’s important to learn when they can get started. The builder might juggle a couple of projects, which directs to the next question.

How do you manage the construction of my house?

Home builders usually make multiple projects simultaneously. While this isn’t essentially an issue, you should ask the builder about their plans for managing your home construction.

Ask who’ll be on site and how you’ll be kept updated with the development of the project. Will you be given daily or weekly updates? Will there be a quality assurance checklist to ensure quality construction? At First Finishers, our team spends quality time managing every custom home.

Do you offer assistance in choosing the finishes?

Building a custom house isn’t easy. You need to select items, such as flooring materials, cabinets, and light fixtures. For most people, this can be daunting. A good builder will help you with the selection process so you can make the best decisions for your new home.

What separates you from other builders?

Like any cliche interviews, you should ask the unique qualities of your potential builders. A special characteristic can be a good criterion for selecting the right builder for your home. For instance, First Finishers pride ourselves on our excellent customer service as shown by our “2016 Best of Houzz” award.

These are just a few of the fundamental questions you need to ask a custom home builder. Don’t limit yourself because each customer’s circumstance is unique. Be free to ask anything and set another appointment to ask for more.

If you want to discuss the custom home services offered by First Finishers contact us via our website today or call 360-400-7767!