The Sullivans decided that time had finally come to remodel their master bathroom and approached First Finishers LLC to explore ways to create more space and increase functionality. After careful consideration, they elected to go ahead with a complete redesign and removal of a bathtub that had never been used. The project included the installation of new cabinets, countertops, shower recess and flooring. It would also include wall repairs and a more modern paint color to match components of the new design.

As the project progressed, the Sullivans were delighted with the expertise, workmanship and effectiveness displayed by crew members. They found it very easy to work with the crew and have them in the house, remarking that open and transparent communication contributed to make this a smooth experience across the board. As a result, First Finishers LLC delivered a spacious master bathroom, providing the Sullivans with increased storage space and levels functionality they could only aspire to before the project became a reality.