Kitchen Remodel: a recipe for repeated success

A few years ago, First Finishers LLC were introduced to the Morgans following a recommendation by the real estate agent who sold their family home of 40 years. This was the beginning of a long-standing relationship through which the Morgans enjoyed the transformation of their new house into a home. The most recent project was [...]

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Kitchen remodel: a journey well worth the wait

Since buying their house many years ago, the Dickasons agreed that the existing unpractical kitchen would be remodeled as soon as such a project would be viable to undertake. After repeated difficulty finding a suitable contractor, their neighbor recommended approaching First Finishers LLC. From the onset, the Dickasons were delighted by the responsiveness and found [...]

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Bathroom remodel: stylish design for a spacious master

The Sullivans decided that time had finally come to remodel their master bathroom and approached First Finishers LLC to explore ways to create more space and increase functionality. After careful consideration, they elected to go ahead with a complete redesign and removal of a bathtub that had never been used. The project included the installation [...]

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A Blessing in Disguise Transforms Home

A recently discovered dishwasher water leak wreaked havoc in the Perlot household. The kitchen cabinets sustained extensive water damage, as did the hardwood floors. The family placed a water damage claim with their insurance company and was approved to proceed with a full kitchen remodel as well as sanding and refinishing of the hardwood floors. [...]

Beautiful Outdoor Patio Extends Living Space | Breathtaking Kitchen Remodel Revamps Family Home

Bruce & Dana Montgomery embarked on several projects utilizing the services of First Finishers.  To begin with a lovely sidewalk and curbing was created.  This seemingly small project was no small task indeed.  The sidewalks and curbing needed to match the existing index level and homeowner, Bruce, says "it made a very dramatic impression".  Jeff [...]

Home Remodel & Renovation for a New Generation

The Samson family purchased their new home in December of 2015 with a vision to update and modernize.  The original owners had raised their children in the home and every time they had another child, they basically added another wing.  There were lots of different types of flooring, 9 in total, and different paint on [...]

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