10 Questions to Ask Your Olympia Remodeling Contractor

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If you are in Olympia, WA, and you are considering working with a remodeling contractor, you must choose to work with the right company for your construction, such as First Finishers LLC. It's important always to choose the best remodeling company for your needs, but when you are just starting to look at the options, it can be difficult to know if you are choosing correctly. To help you make the process of choosing the [...]

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A Look at Home Remodeling for 2020 by Olympia’s #1 Remodeling Contractor

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As someone who’s job it is to support the online visibility of content published by Olympia remodeling contractor First Finishers LLC, staying up on the trends around home remodeling, improvements, repairs, and renovations is something that is important to me. Being aware of the market in the Olympia area is crucial to understanding what customers are looking for and what a remodeling contractor is to expect going into the near future. For anyone looking into whole-house [...]

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Renovate Your House with a Remodeling Contractor

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Thinking about renovating your home? Working with a remodeling contractor, such as First Finishers, LLC, is an ideal way to breathe new life into your home, make it reflect your personal sense of aesthetics, and better fit your lifestyle.However, many homeowners are unaware of just what it means to go through a renovation. Is it as simple as hiring a general contractor, explaining your vision, and then waiting for the work to be done? Actually, [...]

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10 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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Ah yes, the kitchen - the heart of every American home! It's the place where we make breakfast, grab a snack or favorite beverage, and even gather as a family at dinner time. It's also a place where we can add value to our homes through kitchen remodeling. Indeed, the kitchen sees plenty of action on a regular basis, that's why it's important that we treat our kitchens with the kind of love and care [...]

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How One Leading Olympia General Contractor Provides Year-Round Remodeling Services

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First Finishers LLC is a preferred choice for many homeowners in Washington's Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater areas that are searching for an experienced and licensed remodeling contractor.  You will also find First Finishers among the top general contractors anywhere when comparing the facts.  So, when is the best time to remodel your Olympia WA area home? Many that attempt to answer this question will probably guess Spring and Summer. And you’d be right...in part. The [...]

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Winter Custom Home Building Myths

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For many people, winter home building is perhaps the last time of the year that they would want to start new home construction. It's understandable as the numbing winter cold can be quite a deterrent. However, the majority of the reasons why people opt to avoid winter as the time to begin building revolves around some myths that are simply not true. Winter doesn't necessarily have to mean home construction coming to a halt. Here [...]

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Olympia Custom Home Builder

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Dreaming of a Custom Home? First Finishers LLC Highlights 5 Benefits to Help You Decide! First Finishers LLC has built a reputation throughout the Olympia area for providing exceptional general contractor services. We are more than just a general contractor, we are a team of experienced and qualified craftsmen. Whether you want to build a custom home or renovate your existing home, we can provide the advice and expertise you require. Our service area spans [...]

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