First Finishers LLC is the general contractor to contact if you are in the market to build a custom home in Olympia, Thurston County and surrounding areas. The First Finishers brand has for many years been synonymous with quality, reliability, excellent customer service and being a partner of choice to guide you throughout the journey of dreaming, designing and building a beautiful custom home. The First Finishers team will be there to support you and make sure that your project is an enjoyable experience, rather than a daunting one.

Building a custom home is generally a once in a lifetime undertaking that requires a lot of planning and decision-making. From choosing the perfect spot to build and adapting the plans, to providing expert advice and assistance during interactions with architects, tradespeople and inspectors, First Finishers will be there to help you until project completion. You will benefit from the strong relationships First Finishers have built with local suppliers, ensuring that quality materials are used to build your custom home and that the project creates memories to be remembered for years to come.