When the Make a Wish Foundation approached First Finishers to install new carpeting for Caleb’s surprise bedroom remodel, our team rallied together.

Caleb had a kidney transplant earlier this summer.  The donor was his Dad.

Caleb’s wish was for a You Tube set up in his bedroom and his sister volunteered to switch bedrooms with him so he could have a larger room to accommodate a new desk, camera and computer.

The bedroom needed some help, which is when Make a Wish contacted First Finishers to assist with the installation of the carpeting to complete the remodel.

After a long recovery, Caleb recently returned home and was pretty amazed at his new high-tech room.

First Finishers was delighted to assist with the transformation of Caleb’s bedroom and thanks the Make a Wish foundation for coordinating the project to fulfill Caleb’s dream.

The First Finishers team admires Caleb for his strength and courage and wishes him all the best for a very healthy and bright future.