The Samson family purchased their new home in December of 2015 with a vision to update and modernize.  The original owners had raised their children in the home and every time they had another child, they basically added another wing.  There were lots of different types of flooring, 9 in total, and different paint on the the walls and ceilings of each room.

At the time of the move, the Samson family were combining two households into one and they realized with the purchase of this new home that it was a big project.  They reached out to First Finishers to assist them with their vision.

The day after the home closed Dani had an appointment with Kai at First Finishers.  Along with the Samson’s vision and the knowledge and expertise of First Finishers, the remodel process went forward seamlessly.  New carpeting was installed in the family room and master bathroom.  New tile work was integrated into the two boy’s bathrooms.  New wood floors, doors and trim and tile backsplash in the kitchen completed the project.   The Samson family moved in one month later.  The end result, a beautiful home ready for a new generation.

“We are very happy that we can rely upon First Finishers.  It’s obvious that they take pride in the work that they do. 

They are master craftsmen and it really shows”.