When the Hoemann’s built their house 14 years ago, they ran out of steam when time came to finish the kitchen. The decision was made to go for a simple solution that could easily be remodeled a couple of years later. After discussing the project with overpriced contractors a few years ago, the decision was made to go ahead with First Finishers LLC last summer. This followed a recommendation from friends and an initial project conversation that made a world of difference, based on remodel components making sense rather than cost.

The Hoemann’s are ecstatic about their new kitchen and grateful for the positive energy that went into making it happen. Praising the First Finishers crew member’s ability to bring ideas to life, their brilliant craftsmanship and turning their kitchen remodel into a “fun to watch” experience. The Hoemann’s are now able to comfortably cook and bake together, in a kitchen that provides three times more countertop space, a lot more functionality and looks like it was lifted straight out of a magazine.