It Looks So Beautiful and So Natural That People Can’t Believe It’s Vinyl

Since our move last Fall into a more spacious location, visitors to the First Finisher’s office have often commented on our rich and undeniably beautiful flooring.  Say hello to one fine-looking premium quality Luxury Vinyl Plank floor or better known in short as LVP.

With charming character and a blush of color, this exquisite flooring goes to show that beauty isn’t just skin deep.  Luxury Vinyl Plank has been a “trade secret” for years, used in many commercial applications where rugged durability and great looks are essential. Now you can have that same professional grade, durability and high fashion style at home!

Evoke Luxury Vinyl floors are genuine vinyl through and through – no patterned paper or composite fill layers like some other products.  That means they are rugged and durable – and also totally waterproof, so they are right at home in wet areas like bath and laundry rooms.  These features were a perfect solution for our busy office which receives high traffic on a daily basis.

LVP’s sleek surface treatments, cool colors and fabulous faux finishes bring out the inner interior designer in everyone who meets them.  It looks so beautiful and natural that you won’t believe it’s vinyl.

First Finishers Reception | Luxury Vinyl Plank

Evoke Luxury Vinyl Plank comes in a variety of different styles, weights, and board dimensions with three different installation methods:

These products must be installed with full surface glue down installation.  Best leave this job to First Finishers.

Easy click together installation and luxury vinyl looks and performance?  Absolutely! A do-it-yourselfer’s dream!

Planks that you lay and they stay?  Probably the easiest flooring installation ever.