Remodeling Contractor Services

Hiring a remodeling contractor in Olympia for a construction project is a great way to make your Olympia dream home a reality. And remodeling your home using a respected Olympia remodeling contractor who is experienced in Olympia area home remodels, will also prove to be less expensive as that of a new construction and one from scratch. What’s more, you have the complete freedom to match the design to your own unique needs and preferences. With that being said, taking on a Olympia renovation or remodel project, whether it’s a single room remodeling, kitchen or bath, or an entire makeover, will offer its own set of challenges. These challenges can be quite a handful to deal with especially if you don’t possess both the experience and intricate knowledge needed for handling a DIY remodeling project. Luckily, Olympia general contractor, First Finishers are here to help.

With First Finishers brand of remodeling contractor services, we help you create the perfect home first time. Not one of our numerous past clients has had to experience undoing completed work to deal with fundamental repairs and improvements that should have been addressed from the start.

This is because we follow ten simple but effective steps that have helped countless homeowners achieve the Olympia home that they have always wanted.

1.) What’s your dream home?

Try to brainstorm the things that your dream property needs. Perhaps bigger and more functional rooms? Or a more energy efficient kitchen? Whatever it is that you have envisioned for your home, First Finishers can help bring them all to life with our remodeling service. We will then match it with the kind of style and appeal that you want. Simply contact us today and you will get a no-obligation discussion about our Custom Home Design-Build contractor services.

2.) Let us know your remodeling budget

After you have talked to us and shared your ideas on what you want and need for your home, the next step would be to work out a reasonable budget that you can comfortably spend on the general contractor and renovation project. If it’s your first time, coming up with a budget can be difficult. With First Finishers as your choice for general contractor, you can contact us for an estimate on your project without any fee or obligation. But don’t worry, if the vision you have come up for your property is simply too expensive for you, we can still help you find the best possible solution so you can get the best home remodeling contractor experience for your money.

3.) Don’t forget to let your insurance agent know about the remodeling

Talking to your insurance agent might be wise to ensure that you are appropriately covered in the event of unwanted renovation issues. And after your renovation with First Finishers as a general contractor becomes a complete success, it’s also a good idea to update your agent about the new coverage brought about by your enhancements.

4.) Partner with us for remodeling

Partnering with the right general contractor is crucial if you want to enjoy the best results. Research companies in your area thoroughly and speak to friend and relatives who have completed renovation work. Once you have found a general contractor, make sure everything is by the book. Make sure that the contract you sign will indicate the scope and process of work to avoid any potential problems and issues once the renovation project begins. Most importantly, you want a company that you can genuinely trust.

If you decide to partner with First Finishers, you will be working with a professional and reliable general contractor, builder, and remodeling contractor who is currently the best general contractor in Olympia, Lacey, Lakewood, Dupont, Steilacoom, Roy, Yelm, Rainier, Tenino and the South Puget Sound.

You also want a general contractor who can do it all and has the skills and expertise needed to make your dreams into a reality. First Finishers have both and more including top notch customer service and attention to detail. Some of the superb work that you can expect from Olympia’s finest general contractor include:

  • Complete restoration, remodeling, and renovation
  • Improvements and enhancements
  • Innovative remodeling contractor
  • Room remodeling contractor
  • Versatile kitchen remodel and kitchen remodeling
  • Functional bath remodel and bathroom remodeling
  • Energy upgrades, retrofits, remodeling
  • Universal design, ADA, and other accessibility adaptations

Most importantly, with First finishers as your general contractor, we will help you create a dream home that you can realize without breaking the bank.

5.) Securing permits and ordering materials

Permits are vital to ensure that any and all Olympia general contractor work on your Olympia property runs smoothly and efficiently. With First Finishers as a remodeling contractor, we will make things easier for you as we will be the one the check your municipality’s latest regulations and we know all the current inspection rules in Olympia, Lacey, and nearby areas as well. Once we have the Olympia permits sorted out, we will then start ordering the necessary materials like lumber, drywall, new windows, and doors, etc. that will become that backbone of your property’s complete transformation. We use only the best quality materials that will bring the best bang for your buck.

6.) Starting the remodeling project

After all the materials arrive at the Olympia work site run by your general contractor, we will thoroughly inspect them first to ensure that it’s the ones that we ordered and that they meet the highest standard of quality that we expect. If additional space is added to your remodeling renovation, we typically work on the framing first. Once your Olympia home’s walls are removed, we will then install new windows and doors. The work will include interior wall and ceiling removal, demolition of flooring and some utility services, salvage, and selective structural demolition.

7.) Digging Deep

This will be the part of the remodeling construction where we work behind your Olympia home’s walls, underneath floors, and above ceilings to begin integrating the ideal plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning rough-ins, subfloors, and insulation system that’s right for your Olympia property. After that, we patch, hang drywall, tape, and sand to ensure that the exterior surfaces are smooth. We pride ourselves when it comes to attention to detail during construction, and it will be demonstrated in every inch and corner of your home once everything is done.

8.) Flooring and Painting Remodeling

There are Olympia general contractor who prefer to install flooring first before proceeding with the paintwork and other remodeling, while there are others who start this step with priming and then painting the first coat before the floor is installed. This can be a tricky business since if you opt to paint first before installing the flooring, you will avoid the problem of paint drips or spills but risk a lot of dirt, dust, sawdust or tile/stone dust setting up on your freshly painted walls and trim. If you begin with the flooring and follow up with the painting, you will avoid the dusty mess but there is a chance that your newly installed flooring might get splattered with paint.

For us as your Olympia remodeling contractor and general contractor, it will depend entirely on the situation and the kind of renovation that you want for your home. Our Olympia general contractor team and remodeling contractor team is composed of both highly skilled and experienced painters and flooring installers which means whatever we choose to opt first, whether flooring or painting, you can rest assured that there will be no hassle or issue whatsoever.

9.) Installing Cabinets and Appliances

By this time, the walls and floors have already been installed by your Olympia general contractor or remodeling contractor, and the room will start to resemble its finished state. Normally, your general contractor would install the cabinets next to the upper ones going in before the lower ones. Templates are built for countertops with cut-outs designed for appliances and sinks and faucets. The methods and techniques that our professional team utilize are efficient, and we can install cabinetry and appliances with an amazing combination of speed and accuracy.

10.) The Finishing touches

Simply put, the difference between a normal Olympia home and a genuinely stunning one is the finishing touches. Ever visited a model home or glanced through properties in magazines? That’s the kind of awe and amazing appeal that First Finishers intends to bring to your home. With the help of our carpenters, we can help make your home stand out from the rest. This includes installing baseboards, molding, stairs, doors, window casings, cabinets, exterior architectural details, and hardwood floors. Our skilled Olympia craftsmen not only add beauty and elegance to your home; they can also cover imperfections and significantly increase your property’s value.

Excited to get started building your Olympia dream home?

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