Project Description

Coleman Residence, Olympia, WA
Walk-In Tile Shower

Transformed by selecting the right colors, lighting, fixtures, vanity, tile and wainscoting, this bathroom now boasts fabulous style and function.

Working closely with the home owner, the desired flow of the bathroom space was considered, along with how it was to be used all the while maintaining the feel, style and decor of the rest of the home.

“We were fortunate to find First Finishers because we are doing a rehab on a home that was built in 1927 and needed a lot of work.  Flooring, creating a walk-in closet, bathroom remodel and a security gate placement have all been done to our satisfaction . . . First Finishers is the company that can meet your needs.”
~ Pam Coleman | Olympia, WA”

First Finishers demolished and removed the dated tub / shower combination and replaced it with a roomy walk-in shower with tile shower bench featuring 4″ x 12″ tile with pencil trim. Floor to ceiling glass shower doors were installed to create the illusion of a roomier and more spacious bathroom.

The new bathroom features a vanity by Bellmont Cabinet Company where towels can be rolled and stored for easy access.  The tile shower set-up features a hand-held and regular shower head for the ultimate home-spa experience.

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