Project Description

Dillinger’s Martini Bar | Olympia, WA
Restoration & Remodel

In a building with 1920’s architecture and a name harkening back to the time of bank robberies, and gin joints, there was only one direction to go: Prohibition Era cocktails.

Renovating this weathered historical building was a challenge that First Finishers was pleased to undertake.  Historically Dillinger’s was downtown Olympia’s melting pot of hipsters, legislators, and all kind of people in between.

The Security Building was built in the Sullivan-esque Style (think rosettes and pineapple details) and boasts nothing but the finest materials available at the time. There is marble from Europe and granite from Canada, not to mention prized mahogany from the Philippines throughout. The structure has remained sound all these years later, even though it’s built on fill over the natural location of tidal marshes, it rests on hundreds of pilings, and it has weathered two major earthquakes.

Dillinger’s Cocktails and Kitchen is located at 404 South Washingtin in downtown Olympia.  We invite you to visit and enjoy the historic ambiance of an era beautifully restored to its new life by the talented First Finishers team.