Project Description

Samson Residence, Olympia, WA

The Samson family purchased this wonderful family home in December of 2015.  They had a vision that it was a great home and with the help of First Finishers the different flooring and additions that had been added over recent decades were all tied together.

“We had been shopping for a house for well over a year and we knew as soon as we walked through the door that this was a lovely house.  Although it was dated and you could tell which sections of the house were done at a particular time (9 different types of floors and the paint was all different) we knew if we could tie it all together it would feel very nice.”

The Samson’s realized this was a bigger project than they could take on, so they reached out to First Finishers.

First Finishers worked with the Samson family to fulfill their vision.  New carpeting was installed in the family room and the master bedroom.  New wood floors, doors and trim were installed throughout the home along with new tile in the boy’s bathrooms.  New tile backsplash in the kitchen completed the make-over.  The Samson’s moved into their new family home the first week of February 2016.